Sunday, August 17, 2014

Items needed to begin sewing.

1. A sewing machine.
2. An iron. Frequent pressing is essential .
3. A tape measure really important if you are measuring yourself/someone else for clothing items. And  measuring gauge sometimes, called a hem gauge for marking hems.
4. A good pair of fabric scissors. Keep your fabric scissors for fabric only – don’t be tempted to use it for paper or anything else. A good scissors is pricier than your average pair, but is worth the investment for the sake of sharp, accurate cutting. You will also need a small scissors for clipping threads close to fabric.
5. Machine Needles. You will need to buy replacement needles for your sewing machine. You can get mixed packs which are always good value. .
6. Hand sewing Needles. Even if you plan to do all your sewing by machine, you will need to do a little hand sewing to finish off seams or binding etc.
7. Thimble – if you’re hand sewing, you will need a thimble. I don’t really like them and wear them as little as possible, but I do need one for certain types of sewing.
8. Pins. A total essential. There are lots of different types out there. Buy ones you like, but be sure that they are “iron-proof”, and be sure, again, they are good quality so that they don’t damage your fabric.
9. Safety pins –  for projects where you need to thread elastic/cord through a tubular piece. Like elastic waist bands.
10. Thread. Buy some in a neutral or white, and a dark colour also. Then build up your collection of colours to match the fabric you are working with – always unwind the start of the thread and lay it on your fabric to match, and try a few spool colours before deciding. All purpose thread for making garments. Quilting thread for quilts. Quilting thread is heavier than all purpose thread.
11. Seam Ripper. Both of my sewing machines came with seam rippers in the little box of accessories and they were perfect. This will be your best friend.
12. Water soluble pen. You could also use tailor’s chalk to mark your fabric, but I much prefer a water soluble pen – easier to use and the marks disappear totally.
13. Bobbins – its always useful to have a few spare bobbins for your machine. I find different bobbins get wound with different colours, so you will definitely need and use them.
14. Knitting needle/chopstick/point turner to get nice sharp points in your corners.
15. Fabric glue in stick form not liquid. this is used for holding zipper in place.

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