Friday, August 23, 2013


 I found this on a blog site called: Letters to Abigail. I think is very nice. I believe that surrounding ourselves with people that we love, keeping God close to our hearts and taking him with us every where we go, is  so important for happiness. Keeping ourselves active with hobbies, doing things that we love, keeping are mind active is so important. Our lives are so busy with working, school activities, rushing here and there sometimes it is hard to glow, but if  we know the Lord personally, we stay in the word and keep ourselves clean, we will glow.


There is a "glow" about you that cannot be bought. Proverbs 15:13 tells us that a cheerful countenance comes from the heart. If our heart is pure and clean it will show in our countenance.

I have observed people for years now. I especially like to watch children and young adults to see if their are "lights" in their eyes. When children are loved and protected they have a glow about them. If they are hungry or scared they do not. The same applies to our spirits. If we know The Lord personally, we stay in the word and keep ourselves clean, we will glow.

 Look at yourself in the mirror when you are mad or upset then compare it to pictures that you like of yourself. You will see what I mean by the "glow." There is a big difference in countenances. One is warm and welcoming while the other is sad and unapproachable. Some of the most beautiful people I know are not necessarily beautiful by birth. I am talking about the heart that manifests itself in the face.

Remember to glow or not to glow is a matter of the heart. Guard and protect it from anything that comes between you and your walk with God.

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