Saturday, June 22, 2013

Did you know that Sewing lowers the Blood pressure?

Did you know that Sewing lowers the Blood pressure?

One of the most delightful things to witness is the moment right after a child learns something. That moment is when they realize they’ve gotten the lesson, and they know it. There’s a sparkle in their eyes that says they know they are special, and they can accomplish the task at hand.

Combine that know-how moment with an actual tangible item produced by their own hand and the experience sends ripples of positive energy throughout their entire life. For that’s the moment when their light shines brighter, their hearts swell and they lean just a little more into the possibility that they can, indeed, do, be or have… anything they focus on with intention.
Often parents are concerned that their kids won’t be interested in such old-fashioned activities as sewing. It’s true, some kids – especially those addicted to their video games – balk at first. But often the kids who complain the most are the ones saying “No!” when told their sewing class is over if they haven’t finished their cherished project. Because once they get into it, after that first seam is sewn and they begin to see how their own work could come together so easily, they’re hooked and often even more than they were with video games.
The benefits of sewing – including learning to sew at home or in a classroom – have been studied and quantified by scientists at New York University in clinical programs where they discovered that sewing activities engage relaxation responses including lowering blood pressure, calming breathing and reducing body temperature.
Dr. Barrett, DOM, the now retired owner of the Lotus Center in Sarasota, Florida, suggests a repetitive activity such as sewing where you lose yourself in the activity engages the same responses as deep meditation. ”Calming activities such as sewing relax the mind and can significantly lower blood pressure,” Dr. Barrett said.
But more than just the relaxation benefits, kids are natural creators. They are machines built to experience, embody and grow. Sewing educators often note that where an adult will find a process difficult, such as installing an invisible zipper or getting a collar attached to a shirt, kids often take to directions so easily as if they already knew how to do it. The reason?

Unlike adults, most children have not lost their ability to envision something that’s not already there. They play by envisioning all the time. When creating a new item – painting, creative dinner dish or the perfect new dress – a child has the very innate and human ability to connect with what’s not there and that connection makes the process of bringing it into view easy.
They tend not to question, but moreover, when enjoying the process of sewing they just assume that the next step is the right one and wonderfully, that it will work out for them. They see it before they have evidence, and so they are not bombarded with the adult’s challenge of getting past all the negative inner chatter about how this won’t work or that would be too difficult, etc.w this won’t work or that would be too difficult, etc.

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