Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why do I love to sew?

I love to sew because I love to create. I love the feeling of taking a flat piece of fabric and transforming it into a garment, a bag, pillow and yes even a quilt. I have been  sewing  since I was about five years old. At first I made clothing for my dolls and as I got older, around eight years old I started sewing clothing for myself.  I love fabric and have a major stash of it. When I enter my sewing room, I enter my own little world of design. I love  coming up with new ideas. I think my favorite thing to design and sew is formal wear. Bridal gowns, long flowing gowns and short cute sassy dresses. When I start a new project I am always anxious to see the end result. Yes the end result that is what I love most!

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