Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dancing Needles Sewing Instruction and Design

        Dancing Needles Sewing Instruction And                                           Design     
Like Song and Dance, Sewing and Fashion Design is an Art and a gift from God.
Sewing has slowly become a lost art. The words Home Economics is no longer heard of in the public school system. Learning to sew reinforces math and reading skills as well as problem solving and creativity. Sewing is a skill that will last a lifetime.

Dancing Needles Sewing Instruction and Design uses Kids Can Sew & Fashion Design a nationally acclaimed sewing curriculum for children. The program features illustrated patterns and instructions that use a building block approach to teaching sewing skills. Students are able to sew at their own pace, building their skills through 4 levels of sewing instructions. Each level takes approximately ten to twelve months to complete.
Classes will be held one hour each week and are limited to four students; one student per sewing machine.
Students will begin learning about safety and how to operate a sewing machine, stitches and their uses, sewing tools, fabric types, and even how to press fabrics. They will also learn basic sewing skills such as how to read a pattern, fabric and pattern layout, cutting, and machine stitching. For their first project, the students will construct a sewing bag to carry their supplies to class.
Parents your child will be learning to sew…some seams may not be as straight as you would like, but he/she will be doing their best. Sewing is not perfect and we humans are not perfect. We are here to learn to sew and enjoy the experience. It will take approximately one month to complete a project.
Safety in the classroom: there is no running, or horseplay. We are surrounded by expensive equipment and there needs to be an element of respect. No pins in the mouth or walking around with scissors in your hands. The sewing machine is a fast paced piece of equipment, and if you are not careful, and accident could happen. Shoes are to remain on your feet at all times. A pin in the foot is not fun.
As summer approaches- there will be more information concerning summer classes and summer camp.
Classes are on the hour. Please be prompt when dropping off your child, not too early and not too late.

                      School Year Program 2012:
This program is designed to teach clothing construction and help beginning students become confident, independent sewers.
Mommy and Me Sewing class for ages: 6 - 8
Ages: Preteen 9 – 12years; teens 13 – 16 years; adults 17 and over
Classes will begin Saturday, March 3, 2012
Hours: Saturday 12:30 to 1:30
Saturday 1:45 to 2:45 and Saturday 3:00 to 4:00
Students come one day a week for one hour
Cost: $45.00 registration fee this covers cost of project book/maintenance, plus $45.00 a month for sewing classes---payable the first of each month
Sewing machine and sewing tools will be provided.
Students are responsible for supplying their own fabrics and thread for each project. Please no plaids, one way designs or fabrics where the design needs to be matched. We are beginning students. Matching designs and patterns comes later.
Missed classes are made up by arrangement with class instructor
All sewing is done in my studio: no outside sewing required
To register or for more information contact Owner-Director of True Impact Performing Arts, Amy York, trueimpactperformingarts@gmail.com